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Equito Horseboxes

Equito - Exceptional Horsebox engineering

It is our mission here at Equito to ensure that each and every box is built to the highest quality, are robust, durable and most importantly safe

As a reputable brand we at Equito Wales & West believe in only providing the best chassis for the careful transportation of your equine.  The chassis is the foundation of your horsebox and with the careful workmanship that goes into the coach building we believe that supplying a quality chassis is paramount.

We have worked with Equito Headquarters and we have, as a brand, tried to restrict any future builds with a maximum age and with limited mileage to ensure you get the best possible reliability, mod-cons and exterior design.

We select Chassis from Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat and Nissan, all limited to 5-6years of age and limited mileage.

Contact us for our current Chassis stock.  Once your chassis is chosen we then customise your build specifications to create your dream 3.5t or uprated 4.5t horsebox!

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